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Managing Your Money

5 Saving Tips to Start 2022 Financially Stronger

The new year has arrived and we’re all starting to make plans for 2022. While the current pandemic has brought uncertainty, every person strives for a better future. So check out our top five saving tips to head into 2022 financially stronger.

Download a Free Budget Planner Tool

Before you can improve your finances, you first need to know what situation you’re dealing with. Start by using a free budget planner tool – like the one by Money Saving Expert – to help you understand your current finances.

Keep Track of Energy Usage

Many of us have spent more time at home during the pandemic and this inevitably has led to more energy usage and higher bills. When using your electric or gas appliances, control your usage by asking yourself “is it necessary?”. Leaving the TV on while you’re cooking dinner, is that essential? Charging your mobile phone all night necessary? Is keeping lights turned on during the day really needed?

We also recommend installing a smart meter. Many people have found that they saved hundreds of pounds a year in bills once they installed one.

Try the Downshifting Challenge

Swap out branded goods for supermarket own-brand products. If you enjoy trying the new product and are happy to make the switch permanent, experts reckon you could save 30% a year.

Sign Up to Loyalty Cards

Most supermarkets offer loyalty schemes. Co-op, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s are regarded as having excellent loyalty reward schemes for regular shoppers. The rewards can include money-off vouchers or swapping points for vouchers to their partners like food and leisure venues to take advantage of cracking deals.

Get a Head Start on Next Christmas

Can you imagine arriving at Christmas later this year with a lump sum of savings and no money-worries? It’s certainly possible with a CCU Christmas Saver Account. Save as much as you like, as often as you want. Your savings attract a dividend and the account is locked down until November 1st so that you can’t eat into your savings too early (T&Cs apply).

Give these tips a go to start the new year on the best foot. Become a member of CCU to start building your financial resilience today.


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