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8 Top Tips to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

During Black Friday there are two types of people…

Those that purchase items they wanted anyway but with an irresistible discount.

And those that purchase a lot of things they didn’t want or need simply because it was discounted. Guilty.

Whatever category you fall under, we all agree that finding the best deal and save money during this time of year is important.

Let’s take a look at eight top tips for finding the best Black Friday deals.


  1. Price-check BEFORE Black Friday.

Money-saving expert, Martin Lewis, encourages taking action a few days before Black Friday:

“Go and do a price check now, so you have a benchmark to see if it is really cheaper when it is ‘discounted’.”


  1. Be wary of unusual brands.

Cheap deals are everywhere, but check the reviews online to make sure the site is trustworthy and learn from other consumers’ mistakes.


  1. Open online accounts.

Pre-enter your payment and shipping details, and save them to your account, so you can complete purchases quickly once the deals are live.


  1. Create a wishlist on the retailer website.

Add only the things you really want to buy. There are going to be various offers on products that you simply don’t need. That said, having a wishlist will make it easier for you to not make unnecessary purchases, regardless of whatever the discount on a particular item is.


  1. Use cashback sites to save money.

If you’re splashing out on a big item, check whether you could be getting something back in the process. Cashback sites Quidco and Topcashback both offer deals at more than 4,000 retailers – and it’s free to sign up!


  1. Research a product’s price history.

Use web tools to check if the sale price really is good value. E.g. Camel Camel Camel let’s you see the price history of a product on Amazon.


  1. Know the life cycles of tech.

Smartphones, TVs, and tablets usually come down in price over time and they may be outdated by a new device next year.


  1. Make a list of different retailers selling the same product.

Don’t go with the first price you find. Shop around and compare prices. You’ll find a little bit of extra time spent searching can help you find the best offer.


Give these tips a try and grab a bargain for yourself this year. Just don’t get carried away buying cheap goods you don’t really need! Have a wishlist, hunt down the best prices for those items, and walk away with some great deals.


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