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Staying Secure

Be Vigilant Against Fraudsters

(Guest Author – CCU Member)


Let’s face it – they simply want your money.

Scams and fraud are on the increase and we seem to be bombarded by suspicious emails, texts and calls on a daily basis. The worst aspect of this is that the fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and believable and it means that we all must stay alert and, sadly, extremely wary, of any unsolicited contacts.

Who knew that we have an Annual Fraud Indicator in the UK? The latest figures show that fraud losses hit a staggering £190 billion in a year and the Covid pandemic has simply offered the fraudsters extra opportunities to prey on the vulnerable and unsuspecting.

As I write this, in a very timely way, I have literally just received a text from Royal Mail telling me that my parcel could not be delivered and has been returned to the depot. All I need to do is click on a link to rearrange the delivery. Of course, it’s not from Royal Mail and I always follow the advice of think before you click.


Fraudsters use trusted organisations

They might pretend to be your credit union, bank, Royal Mail or HMRC to coax and frighten people into revealing personal financial details and opening messages and links. It is indeed quite scary when you get a recorded message, supposedly from HMRC, warning that you owe money and immediate action is required or you will face the consequences.

There are very few aspects of our lives that fraudsters won’t target and this includes romance scams, pension, TV licence, vaccine and track trace ruses. We even have to be wary of fake police calls.

As highlighted elsewhere on our website, the UK Government together with Financial Fraud Action UK is promoting a national campaign ‘Take Five to Stop Fraud’.

And if you are ever unsure about the validity of a communication from us at Capital Credit Union please contact us at our head office for reassurance. We are as always ready to help.

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